Tiny House Europe

Small and cheap housing on wheels, and no license required.

Living in a different living environment, smaller and cheaper, starts with downsizing your current living situation. In the US and Canada this way of changing is a hit. We adopt the concept and now we're building tiny houses on wheels in Holland.

Tiny House Europe BV

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The Netherlands



Small and cheap living on wheels,

Who does not want to travel cheaply and without any obligation with your own house and leave everything behind to lead your own life as you like ... for almost everyone, a utopia but the few who want to experience this lifestyle are invited To contact us


Away from the daily slurry,

But you can also experience a limited form of freedom and seclusion like many who go to the campsite or holiday home on weekends. For you specially, we make a house as you wish, unique in your style, come along to see what we can do for each other.


On wheels and rental ..

Everyone loves it, of course, if you put a shepherd home on the campsite, have you ever thought of rent, what yields it, an investment in a shepherd home has probably earned you back in 2 x a season ... also for a wooden house without wheels this may be an option.


Designing a Tiny House,

You are free in designing your own house on wheels or in a fixed place. Together with us, we make the best design for your budget.


The inside,

Inside are many possibilities, it can be simple and high end, a kitchen, shower and toilet, sleeping loft, storage space, in the end you are feeling at home in your new house.


You want a little cottage but do not know a place to place him,

There are a few landowners who allow Tiny Houses on wheels in their country in a group of several or individually at a farmstead. There are also many holiday parks all over Europe, but also in the Netherlands where you can buy a piece of land and place a fixed house there, at most you can live permanently even with a postal address.


Cityhalls are slowly thinking about places for small houses, but often the commerical land price that goes with it are far too high and making small living expencif


If we get information from this itemwe will place it on our facebook page where you can join trough this link.


Follow one of our project with the Rozemary shepherd wagon below, The demensions are 5.00 x 2.35 meters and is solid constructed especially for the road.


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